All- Natural Soaps and Candles now available or visit us on Facebook at

Specialty shapes are available such as these shells. Handmade and made to order!
Pure Blendz LLC
Handmade Artisan Soaps and Candles.
Try some of our newest products melty blendz (wax melts), gift baskets, fizzy Blendz (bath bombs) and many more!!
Our Honeysuckle and Jasmine ‘Sweetie” Blendz which has a combination of Shea butter, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E.
Try something more artistic with our specialty soaps.
Red Cherry Rose aka “Cheery” Blendz have a nice pleasant scent but loaded with all natural moisturizers.
Soapy Apple, Honey, Ginger “Oaty” Blendz and Cucumber Melon which are just a few of our most popular scents.
Not only are they eye catching but they’re all natural and great for the skin.
Gardenia Blossom.
Honey Vanilla Bamboo in Ocean Wave shapes.
Holiday specific are also available to custom order!
Lemongrass & Ginger has been very popular both in store and online. Try it today!
Soapy Botanical Blendz is a classic with a nice scent of gardenia and confetti from multi-colored soaps.
Our selections are all-natural and there’s something for everyone!

Try our newest scents of Lavender Orange Blendz.
Choose from an assortment of candles!
We also create handmade melts with real scented tea leaves and dried flowers.
We even make handmade bath bombs in many colors, shapes, and sizes.
These are popular and are nice for foot spas since they’re smaller than our standard.
Not sure where to start?

Grab a combo gift box, gift bag, or gift basket with popular items to help you decide what you like the most!
Try our specialty soy candles
with real beeswax wicks! For now these are only available as a customer order or at local markets.

Custom order any of our products for your upcoming wedding, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers or any occasion!
Stop by our online shops 24/7 for the most recent deals or to request custom items!

Allergy warning: All products are made in a facility with citrus, flowers, nuts, and other potential allergens. Please read the ingredients carefully or contact me directly before purchasing. or visit us on Facebook at

Copyright 2021. Pure Blendz LLC®. Andrea Danielle

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