Pan Seared Duck Breast w/ Citrus Sauce

A Fabulous Duck Entree ready in only minutes.

A great special occasion recipe and the flavors are perfection!

Remove the duck from the skillet and increase to medium high heat and use pan dripping and add the white wine to reduce, gently scraping to loosen for about 5-7 mins. Add in the broth/ stock. Whisk in unsalted butter. Once melted add in the citrus juice, zest, black pepper to taste. Reduce temperature and simmer for an additional 3-5mins.

Plate with parsley as a garnish. Top with the citrus sauce and serve. The duck breast should be crisp on the outside and cooked to perfection inside. The flavors of this dish are great for entertaining small or large groups and for true special occasions due to the richness of the flavors.

Just lovely!

Enjoy your fabulous entree.

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