Italian Chicken Noodle Soup

An easy spin on a classic dish.
Sure to please even the smallest pallets in under an hour.

4-5 Lb Rotisserie Chicken
5-7 Carrots (Chopped)
7 Stalks Celery
(Chop, keep leaves and dice)
2 Cups Italian Parsley
1-2 Cups Ditalini Pasta
1 Carton Chicken Broth
1 Yellow Onion
5-7 Cloves Garlic
3 Sprigs Rosemary
2 Sprigs Thyme
Olive Oil
1 French Baguette

Makes 8-10 Servings
Start by shredding the rotisserie chicken with two forks. You can also opt for diced if that’s a preference.
Set aside.
Slice the garlic.
In a Dutch oven or stockpot heat to medium high and add some olive oil.
Remove rosemary from the sprigs.
Sauté garlic and rosemary for 1-2 mins.
Add in the thyme.
Continue to sauté for another minute.
Add in the diced celery leaves. Sauté for 1 min.
Smells great!
Add in the chicken broth. Stir.
Add in the shredded chicken.
Add the veggies.
Chop some parsley.
Add to the pot.
Season with salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat, cover and cook for 25-30 mins.
We like to make the pasta on the side instead of cooking with the soup so it doesn’t overly expand and absorb all the broth.

While the soup cooks, cook the ditalini to al dente’. Set aside.
We got these cute pumpkin shaped bowls from my son’s fundraiser. So festive for the season!

Add the pasta to the bottom and ladle in soup. Serve with the French Baguette.
Super cute, fresh, and delicious!
Garnish with a sprig or two of Italian parsley.


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