Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Mugs

Very Simple, Fresh, and Delicious Summertime Dessert!

Great for BBQs and other gatherings.

Perfect for patriotic events such as Memorial Day and Independence Day.

2-4 Sara Lee Creamy Classic Mini Cheesecakes, thawed
1- 2 Cups Frozen Berries Thawed
1 Can Fat Free Dairy Whipped Cream
1 TBSP Sugar or Sugar substitute
1 Lemon Zested (optional)

Materials: 2- 4 Clear Mugs

Makes 2-4 Servings.

Start by taking your clear mugs and adding some whipped cream to the bottom.
Top with a mini cheesecake.

You can also double up depending on the size of the mugs and how many mini cheesecakes to person ratio.

I purchased these awesome
clear mugs from Bella Lusso.
Top with some of the berries.
Dollop, or pipe to the top with whipped topping.
Add a decorative berry to finish.
Just beautiful! Belle as the French say 💕
Top with some sugar or sugar substitute.

You can also take a lemon, zest, and sprinkle on top.

Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved. All content, recipe, writing, by Andrea Danielle.

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