DIY Wedding Table Setting

A classic and elegant design suitable for weddings and special gatherings.
My husband and I will be celebrating being married for over 17+years and are planning to have a vow renewal/ ceremonial blessing of our marriage.

We’ll probably use a version of this design because not only is it elegant but it’s simple to create and anyone can create it.

Fine China or Matching Set
(Full Service for 4+
Casserole & Vegetable Dish
Cutlery (Service for 4)
1 Hydrangea Centerpiece (Fresh or Silk)
1 Tray
4 Gold Plate Chargers
4 Damask Napkins
4 Champagne Flutes
(2 Gold, 2 Clear or Rose Gold)
1 Box Silk Artificial Flowers
1 Set Floral Napkin Rings
1 Set Pearl Napkin Rings
1-2 Candle Tapers
1-2 Crystal Candle holders
1 Gold Serving Bowl
1 Round Tablecloth
Start by carefully gathering all materials. Some are breakable so be careful as I tell my husband the bull in a China shop 😆
This time I’ll layer with two types of champagne flutes for added flare.
Loving the gold and rose gold colored flutes also! Great for couples or folks attending with a plus one.
This time we’ll use one of my favorites in terms of fine China, Danielle so I’m a bit partial. This set was received as a gift that we just add pieces to over the years.

For the budget friendly or more guests, you can also take a nice inexpensive set that matches to create a similar effect.
Adding the casserole and vegetable server to complete the set.
We had these on hand but you can use what you have to dress your own table(s).
Grab the box of decorative florals.
Place chargers in front of each place setting.
Layer the plates in a nesting fashion with the smaller on top.
Add the decorative china mugs in the center.
Grab the centerpiece and add the the center of the table.
Wow don’t you just love those gold accents.

I like to decorate some of the
layers with a smaller flower.

Also for the rectangular tray,
add a few for a nice touch.
For the napkins, fold over halfway then fold again three times.
Slide on your decorative rings.
Mugs up or down depending on preference.
For this design I’m choosing both flower and pearl rings for added depth and dimension.
Just Lovely.
Add your tapers and candle holders.
No more than 1-2 for this drill.

You can also layer flowers to the tapers for added flare just hide the wires.

For fresh flowers use floral wire and again disguise the wires away from the arrangement.
This look is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

For larger events use multiple tables with this design or variation for each table.

…and there you go, simple, elegant, and perfect for your special event, wedding, or a stylish catered event.


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