DIY Homemade Easter Baskets


2 or More Easter Baskets
1 Bag Raffia or Confetti Shredded Filler
Plastic Eggs (Plain or Filled with Candy)
2 Extra Large Cellophane Bags
1 Pair Scissors
Sachet bags
Fresh Fruit
Fruit Cups
Stickers & Toys
Easter Bath Bombs or Other
Decorative Soaps
(Angel Shape or Other)
Candy (Jelly Beans, Kisses, Peeps)
Start by gathering all materials for each basket you decide to make.

Feel free to choose mostly anything your kids are into even video games, soccer balls, whatever floats your boat.
Fill the bottom of each basket with filler.
Layer with the largest items first.
Add in a few of the plastic eggs to add support.
These are a great choice and can come prefilled with Candy.

My kids love bubbles as with most children
so I add to the baskets as well.
Handmade bath bombs or cute decorative handmade soaps are a nice touch and kids love them!
Opt for fresh fruit or fruit cups for nutrition either with or without the other snacks.
Since jelly beans and other candy are
mostly sold as bulk in one bag,
I like to take sachet bags and
fill them with just a few.
Nice work!
Stickers are also an inexpensive yet nice touch.
Take the cellophane bags and place the pre-decorated baskets inside.

Adjust as needed.
Take some festive ribbon, trimming just enough for each basket.
Add to each basket.
So cute!

Don’t forget to trim the tops.
Adorable and fun to make!

Enjoy and Happy Easter.

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