DIY Bathroom Redesign

Esthetically pleasing results such as these are only a can of paint, a new light fixture, a new vanity and a few final touches away!

A nice coastal feel is a great touch for this project!
Take this dull bathroom from drab to fab in no time!

Grab a few materials such as a nice paint color, tape, brushes and rollers, light fixture, and tools and get started.
Tape away areas to avoid paint splatter.
Roll in an upwards stroke to ensure
even covering.

Now finish the area, for a small
bathroom of this size it won’t take long.
Now that’s complete.

Let the paint dry a bit, at least an hour or two
then start on the light fixture install.
Remember to remove any excess tape.

Start by dismantling the old light
fixture but be sure to turn off the lights
and maybe even the breaker prior to.
Install according to the manufacturers instruction and flip the power back on carefully of course to ensure proper installation.

Nice! Now the new one is in place,
it’s all coming together.
Hang up a new shower curtain and a few decorative elements. Of course I’m a bit partial to our
Pure Blendz products like our candles
and soaps to add a nice spa like feel.
This time we decided to update our old vanity that was a bit too large for the space and opted for a cool new floating vanity which creates more space especially in smaller places.

We simply removed the old one, covered any damaged sections, sanded certain areas down and installed the new one in its place.
The flooring underneath was also updated to cover the new space.
A few touches of paint around the vanity from top to bottom and vwala!
A fresh updated space perfect for guests around the holidays or just because.

Simple, relaxing, and beautiful design.

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original writing, content, and design by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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