DIY: Guest Room Reimagined

This nice fresh and simple design is the perfect fit for any guest room size.
Small decorative touches make this elegant design personalized and fun for guests.
Start with a clean slate.
Take this drab room and take it up a few notches.
Start by adding some nice wall decor.
Abstract art works nicely.
Try adding some nice decorative pillows and blankets.
I chose layered hints of blue as this is my husband’s favorite color.
Also go as simple as a nice coastal wreath which fits wells with an ocean or beach theme room.

A couple of decorative or meditation pillows to floor lounge is also nice and a fun way to decorate.
Also for the wall art consider discovering your inner talents by adding
some framed original artwork of your own creation that gives a nice touch of personalization.

The best part is the only cost is the price of the materials and labor to complete the work of art!
Just lovely.
Add a nice art piece like branches, sculpture art in the corner for added flare.

Hang a few panels or coordinating window treatments.
Not sure why but this adds to the depth of the room and sometimes if you pick the right color it can open up a room even more.
Wall shelving and sconces are also nice if coordinated well with the colors for the room.
Add a few more touches.
I like to add a nice tray or tobacco basket
Sweetgrass baskets are the prettiest in my opinion
and are made by hand which I’m partial to but it doesn’t
have to cost an arm and a leg to create something nice.

Just use whatever you have on hand. I like to add a final touch of my handmade soaps and spa products as a gift during the stay and for them to take when they leave.
A nice sache’ of fresh or dried lavender, lilac, and eucalyptus.
It’s something small but a nice touch for family or guests to enjoy during their stay.
For even more comfort to guests add a mini fridge and stock it with some goodies to make their stay even nicer so they can lounge around a bit in their own personal space especially after a long drive or flight in.
Don’t forget to tidy up by removing debris during the designing process.

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Room Design, Content by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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