DIY Dining Room Table Refinishing

A true labor of love!
…Other than my wonderful kids of course.

If you have a few days and just a few materials from your local hardware store you can bring the happiness back to some of your favorite furniture.
Over the years beautiful furniture such as this dining room table may more than lose its luster in so many ways.
Some may even have chips or gaps such these.
Nicks and scrapes can add to the character but at times refinishing me be the best option.
Water stain marks and deep grooves are also more than enough reasoning to make an update.
Are those actual words on our table? Wow.
Hilarious what happens over the years especially with kids.

Hand Sander
Paint Brushes
Sand Paper refills
Hook & Loop Disks (not pictured)
Clear Coat Sealer
Safety Gear (Goggles, Mask, Gloves)
Optional Mineral Spirits for paint removal can make cleanup easier.
Also a trim tray or two can make application easier.
Start by donning safety gear!
You may choose to cover surrounding areas to protect from saw dust and particles.

If the table has a leaf, unlatch and pull to open as pictured. Some even remove it for now for great reference of the previous color or refinish altogether.
Carefully add the disks, plug in, and start sanding.
Try to sand in a circular motion for evenness.

This can take a while but it’s well worth it when you see the final result.
Continue until fully stripped.
Great work! Almost there.
Now we’re ready to wipe away the sawdust and start the stain.
Grab the next materials.
Carefully mix.
Use the cloth to dust particles away. It can double as a detailer or a good tester for stain color matching if needed.
Brush method is the best for large areas.
Stain in the direction of the grain.
Beautiful first coat!
Now for the next coat.
Let dry for a few hours to overnight.
Nice! Some may choose the lighter stain but we’ll keep going to match the other furniture. Also opt for a darker stain if desired.
Coat three is even better. Only a couple of more coats to go until the final clear coat. If using a darker stain, less coats are needed of course!

After the clear coat, keep folks away until it’s completely dried.
Just fabulous!

Well worth the time and we get to keep our beautifully refinished table without having to replace it.
All of this for only a few dollars and project complete in only a few days!

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Design, and DIY Project Effort by Andrea Danielle Pistella and Family.

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  1. njones3333 says:

    Beautiful Restoration. Great Job and I know that it was a lot of hard work to get this kind of Rich Beauty. I’m Inspired to take on a similar project.

    Liked by 2 people

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