Summertime Blooms!

Nothing says summertime more than beautiful outdoor blooms!
These cucumbers sprouted up nicely this year.
Raised beds foster positive growth for most types of vegetables and flowers.
These green beans have lasted from winter into the summer season.

Green beans anyone…
These lilies were potted last year but have become even stronger and more robust with the season.
These gladiolus beauties were mere bulbs only a few months ago and are sprouting up nicely now.
With taller plants and flowers such as these it doesn’t hurt to splint with something such as large sticks, clips, etc. to make them grow straighter and more vibrant.
Our happy gardenia bushes are as vibrant as ever!
Hybrid beauties… one of my favorites!
This is our happy plant that alternatives between the patio and garden depending on the season.

We have had this one now from years back but it’s still strong and as vibrant as ever!
These tomato plants have been cultivated from only a tiny seedling only a few months ago.
…and now look at how nice they’ve adapted.
Green thumbs up, way up!
Happy gardening!

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, and Content by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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