Fizzy Blendz Available Online and In Store. Custom orders are available.

All made to order by hand using a patent pending process!

Created with all natural ingredients such as citric acid, scented herbal tea, essentials oils, and dried flowers.
The perfect gifting option for weddings, birthdays, and other events!

Shipped domestically and internationally.
Available individually or as a set, gift bag or gift basket with a few of our most popular soaps both in store and online.
From our March 19, 2021 post, a relaxing spa experience created in your own home!

Simply place in a bathtub filled with water and watch the fizzy slowly release dried flowers and fragrant essential oils. So fragrant, soothing, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

These smaller diamond shaped are perfect for at home foot spas and are a great primer for pedicures, leaving skin soft and supple.
Also available in two new scents,

Zen and Eucalyptus Lavender Vanilla!
Visit our site for purchasing options, store location, and a full list of ingredients.
A portion of our proceeds are donated annually to the local community. or visit us on Facebook at

Copyright 2021. Pure Blendz LLC® . Andrea Danielle Pistella, Owner.

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