DIY: Quick and Easy Painting for Storage Space

This now fabulous small space has been transformed in only 2 hours!
An easy yet economical
weekend warrior project!

For the cost of a gallon of paint and a few supplies you can spruce up any small area in barely any time.
Some spaces around the home have small areas like closets and/ or storage areas that are scuffed, outdated, or in desperate need of a new coat of paint.

1 Gallon Interior Paint & Primer (Color of Choice)
1 Quart Protective Finish Ceiling Paint (Off White)
Paint Tray and 2 Pan inserts
Drop Cloths
Painter’s Tape
Paint Brush and Roller
w/ Two Attachments
Protective Gear
(Face Protection and/ or Gloves)
Drill & Drill Bits
Start by clearing the space for painting
and gathering supplies.

Place drop cloths around as
needed to cover the
floor surface completely.

Tape in place of needed.
Create a well ventilated environment, set thermostat to a lower temp for better air flow.
Turn on fans.
Open doors and/or windows.
Study the space to see if any nails or patches are needed.
Carefully remove faceplates to electrical outlets using the drill.
Good job!
Set aside until project is complete.
Tape additional areas with painters tape as needed.
I’m a floral and landscape artist by hobby so I don’t usually paint interiors myself but for this small task, I’m tackling it all just as anyone can do if you have the will, a gallon of paint, and a couple of hours.

Now hair bun up, mask up, and get started!
Grab the provided paint stick and stir the paint.
Add to paint/ drip tray and roll on a good amount for the first application.
Roll upwards until you reach the top then repeat on the section next to it.
Try to avoid painting up and down as it has a tendency to strip what you cover creating double work.

For any drips simply roll over and flatten the area before it dries.
Get as close to the edge as neatly as you can, use the paintbrush to cover smaller areas.
For high up spaces I usually find my tall person (hubby) but since he’s working, on this one I’ll use a step stool or ladder to reach.
The same for this side.
Now sing
I am strong… I am invincible… I am woman!
Don’t forget the second layer.
Complete the same as the first.

Let dry for about 30 mins to an hour.
Now for the remaining.
This space has a very awkward ceiling.
What even is this space? Don’t panic.

Take the ceiling paint and
add to a roller to finish the area.

This can be a challenge with a roller but here goes.
Now paint the smaller areas and corners as neatly as possible.

Add the second layer.
Now to remove the painters tape, just pull slightly. Try not to wait too long to remove… it can get stuck making it more difficult to remove. Cleanup and remove supplies used (brushes, drip pans, etc.)

Most like to paint the baseboards,
since this is used as a storage space,
I’ll use a cleanser or magic eraser
to tighten up those areas.
When the paint fully dries, reinstall the faceplates, shelving, and other items that were removed before painting.

Not bad at all! It looks and smells so new and fresh.

A definite A+ for the day!

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Painting & Design, and Content by Andrea Danielle.

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