Delicious Homemade Italian Panini

A great sandwich choice for a nice luncheon for two or a nice anytime snack.
Ready in minutes!

Italian Artisan Bread (4-6 Slices)
Deli Ham
Deli Turkey
Deli Salami
Fresh or Sliced Mozzarella
Sliced Banana or Peperocino Peppers
Garlic & Herb Olive Oil
Plant butter spread
Cooking Spray

Panini Maker
Basting Brush
Spray a nonstick panini maker with cooking spray and preheat.
Combine the Mayo with the herb infused olive oil and spread on the inner portion of the slices.
Top with deli slices and peppers.
Top with a few pieces of spinach.
Add the mozzarella.
Repeat the process for each sandwich.

Add on the top layer of bread.
Add a little plant butter to the top for a crispy finish.
Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper if desired.
Cook for about 3-4 mins per side until the cheese is melted and grill marks are present.
So pretty and yet so tasty.

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Recipe, Food Design, and Content by Andrea Danielle and Family.

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