DIY Brunch Place Setting for 4

This simple yet elegant design that provides a great option for a decorative brunch for 4.

Service for 4 place setting
(Coffee cups, saucers, salad plates, entree plate, server with lid, vegetable bowl, salt and pepper shakers)
Plate Chargers
Dinner Napkins and rings
Decorative Lantern
Champagne Glasses
Not using a tablecloth gives a casual feel while decorative accents such as gold to present elegance.

Start by adding placemats, then build your design by incorporating the chargers.

Add plates according to size and top with a matching coffee cup.
Incorporate your cutlery.
I chose the standard dinner service cutlery style for a brunch with an entree if needed.
No matter what you decide to serve, there’s a plate for every option.
Add a larger floral or two for flare but keep it simple.
For this design, layered patterns were chosen for the placemats, plates, and napkins.
You can also layer with various colors for a more dramatic effect.
Love it!
Lastly add champagne glasses to the mix to tie together the breakfast/ brunch concept.

Perfect! Remember to make it fun.
Happy designing!

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Design, and Content by Andrea Danielle

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