Pure Blendz LLC® Sweetheart Collection and other great handmade soap and candle items…Available for sale. Visit www.Etsy.com/shop/PureBlendzLLC and see our Facebook page for more info at Facebook.com/PureBlendzLLC

Choose from these great styles and scents!
Cheery Red Cherry Rose.
Prince Lionheart inspired by my son!
A fresh pineapple and orange scent.
Apple Cherry Blossom, Princess Dandelion Collection inspired by my daughter!
Vanilla Jasmine w/ loofah inside!
Wax melts “melty” Blendz, Euca Lavender Rose
Soapy Tangerine Bliss
Melty’s of many shapes, colors, and scents
Soy Orange Vanilla Cafe Candle Blendz
Soy Oatmeal Apple Pie Candle Blendz
Soy Lavender Vanilla Candle Blendz
Fizzy Blendz, bath bombs.
And so many more to choose from!!! Stop into today.


Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. Pure Blendz LLC®.

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