Winterizing and Pruning 101

It’s winter and in most climates it’s been getting cooler by the day.

We’re a little more southern than most so our pruning and winterize period starts in late fall to late winter!
For patio plants, trim back the yellow or brown leaves.
For large rose bushes, most would be brownish to green at this point or completely dormant.
Trim down to anywhere between 1/4 to 1/2 of its size. This helps protect it in the winter months to early spring and also fosters positive growth.

Rose bushes will typically grow back even thicker and fuller than the year before by simply pruning in the cooler temps.
For overgrown garden beds,
clear away leaves and debris.

Prune and trim back vines and other growth.
That’s a good start!
For potted plants some may survive the winter months but not typically. Trim down as much as you can to at least half it’s size.

Bring to a covered patio or indoors as needed.
This beauty lasted a while. To try to keep its growth, we trimmed this one down a bit also.
Clear away any remaining leaves and debris.
For larger jobs don’t be afraid of a nice leaf blower. Vroom vroom!
Remove shepherds hooks, trellises not in use, and unused garden stakes.

Store away until next season.
Clean up all garden tools.
Store tools, seats, gloves, scissors, shears, and other items in a nice spot like a large deck box or garden cabinet until next season. Happy Winterizing!

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. Original Photography, Writing, Content, Concept & Design, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella, Patent pending.

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