Quick and Tasty Mini Charcuterie Boards and Displays w/ Prosciutto Wrapped Canteloupe and More!!

Nothing says the Holidays like
appetizers and cheese trays.

The best part there’s zero cooking just a small amount of chopping and arranging… and a little pouring of cocktails!

Although the crowds may be smaller there’s nothing wrong with making it nice for small groups or immediate family.
Some seasonal fruit is still available during the winter months that are as vibrant and tasty as these!
Try adding a nice dip for pita chips or water crackers.


Seasonal Fruit
(Cantaloupe, Grapes, Apples)
Aged Soft Cheese Block
(Asiago or Brie)
Aged Hard Cheese Block
(Beemster or semi-hard Gouda)
Garlic Olives (Optional)
Red Wine
White Wine
Imported Beer


Chopping Boards
Cheese Cutter
Decorative Plates/ Display
Butcher Knife
Start by chopping cantaloupe.
Roll the prosciutto slices around the cantaloupe.

Add a few decorative
crackers but don’t stop there.
Grab some great aged cheeses such as Beemster and Asiago.

The combination of the hard and soft cheeses gives great depth to your display.
Serve with a nice Red or White wine!
Nice imported lagers such as Belgium beers are also a nice touch for guests who prefer!

I learned from my humble beginnings when I was a server as a teen and young adult, as in restaurants, beer with a little “head” or the white fizz at the top is a sign of a great beer.

Tilt the glass slightly and pour slowly then twist and level for the perfect pour!

Serve alongside your wine options. That way there’s something for everyone.
Display however works best, either combined on one large tray or on small trays of various sizes as pictured.
Simple and easy!

Also consider adding sliced pepperoni and other great finger foods that don’t require cooking.
The possibilities are endless.

Stay Safe in Small Distanced Groups,
wear masks as much as possible
and Happy Holiday entertaining!

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.Original Photography, Writing, Content, Concept & Design, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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