Beautiful Bathroom Reno

Bathroom renovations are a great way to reinvent your home.

Take drab floors unsuited for bathrooms and transform them into something better than imagined.
Try lightening up the flooring to make it nicer and more inviting.
This beautiful light grey tile gives a nice coastal feel!
As you can see, hardwood floors in bathrooms not so good over time.

These had to be ripped out and made more impervious to water and other situations that take place.
While the floor is being demolished, it’s a great opportunity to sand and repaint the cabinets.
After the warped wood was ripped out, new subfloor was installed.
While they work get your paint ready.
Using a paint spraying is a lot faster and we decided on a nice off grey color for more of a coastal look.
Remove the hardware and spray evenly at least 2 coats.
Once the cabinets are painted add the hardware.
Now in with the porcelain tile.
Just beautiful!
Spacers between the tiles helps the floor to set better.
Don’t forget your thresholds!
After the flooring sets for a while, add the grout.
We chose a bit darker grout for a more coastal and modern feel.
This cabinet color is nice with the decor and overall feel of the space.
Add decorative elements. Simple and elegant is a nice touch for this small guest bathroom suite such as this.
Don’t forget to add some decorative towels and a cool shower curtain.

Add in some small elements for flare.
Nothing better than handmade soaps to give a personalized touch and they smell fabulous!

Happy Renovating!

Copyright 2020. Original photography, decor, concepts, creations, design, and post by Danielle Pistella.

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