DIY: Homemade Candle Creation

Pure, premium, and handmade!
Candle making is a very specific art but it’s not terribly difficult to create your own.
Candles serve many purposes. Keep candles on hand for special occasions as a part of a table setting or even as a backup lighting source for power outages. Remember to practice caution with open flames.

Try soy candles infused with your favorite aromas for gifting to family and friends during the Holidays or make them for your home to bring warmth and happy spa-like moments throughout the year.
Make them fragrant with dried florals, fruit blends, or other ingredients in under a few hours.
Materials: Soy Wax, Essential Oils, Coloring powder, Tabs, or Oil, Soap/ Wax Thermometer, Candle Containers, Wicks, and Metal Pitcher.
Start by bringing a pot of water to a boil.
In the metal pitcher, add the wax. For this drill I’m using soy wax.

Practice caution when handling hot wax!
Add the pitcher with wax to the pot to make a double boiler.
While the wax melts, add the wicks to each container. Setup your fragrances and color preferences.
Once completely melted, the temp should read according to the thermometer for glass containers, around 150 degrees or higher for aluminum. If making multiple types of candles with the same wax, carefully separate now into different pitchers before adding colors and fragrance.
Add in coloring.
Add in your fragrance and stir.
Pour into your containers.
Add any personalized extras at this point. Let cool for an hour.

Helpful Tip: Cleanup is easy, for any tools or containers used to make the candles that may have wax stuck on them during processing, put into the freezer for an hour and the wax particles will dry and pop right off.

Trust me the freezer hack works well, I’ve been doing it for years!
Dried florals and leaves are a nice touch!
Bake fresh petals if on hand in a 200 degree oven until they crisp (as pictured)
Add to your melted wax. We use both wooden crackle wicks and beeswax of the smokeless variety.
Not hard at all and super fun to create! They look and smell absolutely fabulous!
So pretty!
Package with your own creativity and find happiness and joy through your very own candle creation!

Want to try my blends? Look for these and other combinations for purchase online coming soon!

Copyright © 2020. Original Photography, Writing, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella. Specific candle creations, design, packaging concept & design, and handmade blends are proprietary.

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