The Freedom of Handmade Soap

Pure, premium, and handmade!
With all the supply shortages recently to include items such as hand soap, discovering your own way to make it isn’t only fun but a great way to control the ingredients and supply!

If making your own seems daunting, ordering from a homemade soap supplier is a great option to customize to suit your needs in terms of ingredients and skincare needs.
There are many variations and soap molds to discover out on the market today. Choose molds that are sturdy yet creative.
This homemade soap not only looks nice it smells so fragrant!

Purchase fragrance oils safe for soap making and also powders and oils for colors. Get creative with both or keep it on the mild side for skin allergies.
These particular soaps didn’t take long to make at all, complete in under two hours. The best part I know the properties included are created to suit overall skin needs without all the extra ingredients/ irritants.

The more you make the more you find what works best for you. Try some of the newer versions of soap blocks out on the market, they melt down faster, easier and are free of most additives that irritate the skin.
Ingredients such as Shea and Cocoa butter, also Lanolin, Buttermilk, and Goat’s Milk have soothing properties.
Colloidal and steel cut oats are also great for the skin.

Consider Vitamin E Oil for added benefits.
Add some layering and colors. For these I enjoyed making them and oats are great for sensitive skin.
Dried florals (see my Potpourri Recipe on how to dry) are a great option. The best part is you can mix up the blooms and add enhancing essential oils to make great blends such as rose or gardenia which are super fragrant.
These were made using dried eucalyptus leaves and other herbs such as chamomile and green tea.
Our son says these remind him of the ocean with the colors and cool stuff inside.

While our 2 month old daughter stares quietly at the awesome creation.
So fun!
The best part, other than the gift you give yourself of creating something awesome, they make great gifts to family and friends and are customizable to fit their skincare needs.
They look and smell fabulous and the possibilities are endless!
Choose ways to package that are unique and fabulous enough to suit your individual creation(s).
Most importantly, have fun with it!

Patent pending.

Look for my specific blendz for purchase, online coming soon! Stay tuned.

Copyright © 2020 Original Photography, Writing, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella. Specific Soap making process, Concept, Designs, Packaging, Formula & Creations are proprietary.

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