Decorating with Trays

Trays make great storage organizers for items such as cutlery and other utensils.
Trays serve many purposes of course! From a happy breakfast in bed, to a nice way to enjoy a meal or snack during family movie night, trays are a happy medium.
Adding trays to a decorated space is an easy and inexpensive way to make it special.
Opt for a simplistic yet elegant look or paint to the desired color scheme of a space to elevate the design.
Materials: 4-5 Unpainted Nesting Trays, Desired Paint Color, paint brushes, face mask (if not well ventilated) throw cloth or tarp.
Ahhh… nothing like a nice painting project that’s complete in less than a few hours. Use a paint with primer included.

In a well ventilated area, add the first layer of paint. Continue adding one layer of paint at a time until well covered.
Allow to dry for 1-2 hours. I chose to not seal to give a more rustic finish for this project. Finish with a sealer for a more polished look.
Once dry, you’re ready to decorate.

Use them to highlight a centerpiece by adding them to the middle of the table and topping with a nice floral arrangement, napkins, and salt & pepper shakers.
Trays make great inserts for drawers! A nice touch to house cutlery and other items in a decorative well organized manner.
Using twine or floral wire is a great way to keep the cutlery from rolling around loosely in the drawer.
Simply twist it in place and cut away the excess wire until ready to use. Great for special Holiday items only used a few times/ year.
There ya go… when ready to use just cut away the wire. A nice touch to organizing. Happy Decorating!

© 2020 Andrea Danielle Pistella

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