Happy Garden Florals

The Mandevilla, more commonly known as Rocktrumpet blooms from June through December in warmer climates. For us this one took a moment to bloom. It’s long viney nature is at first forgetful but don’t give up. Fertilize at least once monthly. It will surprise you one morning when you see this beautiful bloom and many more to follow.
By snipping off wilted blooms, aka deadheading boosts the growth. This flowering vine is also nice on mailboxes and large trellises due to its climbing nature.
The Daylily is another variety that loves to bloom around July or August in warm climates. It renders tons of blooms and deadheading fosters growth. We found full sun for some varieties including this one is best.
For this Gardenia variety, the same goes, snip away wilted blooms and trim regularly.
Although these beautiful blooms only last for a few months they usually come back the next year even more vibrant and beautiful than the previous. Just be sure in the fall and winter months to prune and trim prior to them going dormant.

Copyright © 2018, Original Photography, Writing, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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