DIY: Kitchen Reno

Kitchen renovations can get expensive. To stay budget friendly, adding simple updates to paint colors and hardware can make all the difference!

1-2 Gallons Paint

1 Gallon Paint Sealer

Paint Sprayer/ Tools

Cabinet pulls and Hardware

Tarp or Floor Covering

Our Kitchen was a bit outdated. We knew we wanted to make some changes but we weren’t sure how much or how little to spend and didn’t want to completely gut everything and get stuck with more work than we could handle.

We stopped into the local hardware shop and picked out some paint. For this project we used a version of off white since our colors are grey already from the countertops and light grey from the interior walls. The great thing about grey and white is it can be used for many types of decor to include giving a more modern feel to the space.

Start by removing the cabinets and hardware. In a well ventilated area, spray all cabinet doors and drawers with the sprayer and allow to dry for the recommended time (usually a few hours or overnight). Repeat for another coat and allow to dry. Once dry, add the sealer to the sprayer, a couple of coats should do it.

When dry, add the new hardware and carefully install the doors back to their original order.
Nothing says new kitchen more than new appliances! They are a great way to make any kitchen space, no matter the size, more inviting.
Find a way to make it stand out and be original just for your very own kitchen remodel.
Just beautiful!!

A great weekend warrior family project. By updating to a lighter color, the space now has a bigger feel with modern accents throughout. New appliances and a great backsplash complete this reno!

Copyright © 2020, Original Photography, Writing, Kitchen Design, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella. Renovation of specific areas, construction, and paint work by Tony Pistella. Flooring repair and backsplash completed by local contractor.

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