Grilled Pizza

Serve any style you like… tasty brick oven style pizza without the brick oven!
Delicious pizza cooked right on the grill! Great for entertaining any group or a great family night meal.

Pizza Dough Balls (Let Rise at least 6 hours)

Six Cheese Italian Blend



San Marzano or Roma Tomatoes



Olive Oil


A Pizza Stone is Needed for Grilling. Add the stone and preheat propane grill to 500 degrees.

Slice up toppings for the pizzas.
For the Margherita Style, chop some garlic.
Add to some Olive Oil.
Take the dough that’s had a chance to rise either homemade or store bought works.
Sprinkle a foil lined surface with flour for rolling.
Separate the dough into four balls for personal pans or make as two medium.
Roll out evenly as pictured.
Add a very small amount of salt.
Carry the dough on a cookie sheet out to the grill along with all your toppers, you’ll build it right on the grill as it cooks!
Don’t forget the tomatoes and basil.
And the olive oil mixture.
Place your dough right onto the stone that’s been preheated.
Build with your desired ingredients.
Close and grill for 5-7 mins.
Mmmm delicious!! Now repeat the process for as many pizzas needed.
For the margherita style, add the olive oil mixture right into the dough.
Add some of both cheeses.
Top with tomatoes.
During the last few minutes add the basil.
So tasty and easy with simple and fresh and ingredients.

So easy and delicious! A definite crown pleaser and fun to make. Enjoy!

Copyright © 2020, Original Photography, Writing, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella. Recipe Concept and Creation by Tony Pistella.

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