Make your own Coffee Froth!

Froth is widely recognized by coffee enthusiasts that love cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages, even teas. This sweet white foam tops them all making it even more enjoyable!

When I was younger I used to be a coffee barista for a small time and learned the tools of the trade firsthand. Over the years I became spoiled with handheld and automatic frothers but the very best way is to make it on a stovetop. A true lost art.

Trust me it’s easier than you think!
Ingredients/ Materials:

Low-Fat or Whole Milk
Small Pot
Coffee or Beverage of Choice
Optional: Flavored Syrup, Cinnamon, or Creamer
Sweetener (Sugar, Stevia)
Start with cold milk in a small pot on a stovetop.
Bring to a slight boil on medium to high heat.
Take your whisk and slowly begin to make a circular motion as the milk begins to heat up. At this point if you like sweetener or cinnamon it’s a great time to add it in. Start to increase the speed until it begins to bubble slightly as pictured.

Do not exceed medium to high heat to avoid scorching or burning the milk.
As your froth builds, usually around 1-2 mins, reduce the heat and remove from heat.
Pour into a separate cup to help build your favorite coffee beverage the safest way instead of trying to pour it off directly from the pot to your coffee mug.
Pour a small amount of the milk into the bottom of your mug.
Build with your coffee and if you opt for syrup flavoring add it now.
Top with the head of the froth which will be your thickest portion of the mixture. I like to scoop it over with a spoon so I can get the most delicious out of it.
There you go just like the coffee shop!!

Add as little or as much as you like. Opt for some lovely cinnamon on top which is also a nice touch.

Easy, delicious, and done in just minutes!


Copyright © 1995. Original Photography, Writing, Coffee & Dairy Creations, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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