Garden Veggie and Floral Harvesting

Nothing says summer like harvesting all your hard work. These beauties made it through the crazy weather and other challenges right in time for our table!

Gardens are great especially for kids! It teaches them to create something and take care of things.

They love the happy reward at the end, a bountiful harvest!
A few tips learned over the years. For tomatoes, harvest right as they turn yellow or later to vine ripen. It’s ok, they will ripen more indoors and still retain their soft juicy suppleness.
This one we harvested a few days ago and look at it now!
Basil plants mostly grow rampant, for us we try to only harvest right in time for a recipe.

Mostly it will keep in a fridge 3-5 days in a ziplock just fold down a paper towel and seal it.
That’s right peppers and green beans are great garden harvests as well. Peppers can be trimmed away right at the time it reaches the preferred size as like with tomatoes they can ripen either on the vine or indoors.

For green beans we sauté with some garlic and olive oil or you can microwave in steam bags once they’ve been cleaned thoroughly.
Mmm. So ripe and juicy!
Simply clean in a nice bowl of food grade mild soap and cool water.
For larger harvests, give some to friends and family or seal and refrigerate for later use. For this harvest we’ve had to hang onto a lot of it since most are distancing.

Typically they last for 5-7 days to follow the harvest except as mentioned earlier with the basil which is about 3-5 days.
Harvesting florals is my personal favorite. My mother calls me her little flower child as I’ve always loved picking fresh flowers!

Blooms of many types set to flourish at different times of the season are an excellent way to keep flowers constantly ready for harvesting.

One tip for Hydrangeas, when harvesting trim from the wooden stem portion instead of the green, they last longer in a vase.

This particular arrangement has lasted more than 8 days.
Roses are great and can require a lot of attention at times but it’s well worth the wait!
Have fun and happy gardening!

Copyright © 2015, Original Photography, Writing, Gardening, Harvesting, Floral Arrangement Design & Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella.

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