The Joy of Drawing and Sketch work

I used to sketch a lot before discovering acrylic painting and how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. This sketch is of my sweet little dog named Kandi I had for over 14 years.

I just recently found some of my old sketches, some from a few years back and some from way earlier. Truth and beauty is in expression no matter the platform.
For me, I love all things art and have since I was a young child which is why this blog has a variety of gardening, food, painting, and design.

Now adding sketchwork to the mix. A fun and inexpensive way to express your love for art!
During the pandemic there was a great reminder of the joy of life and rediscovering yourself.

My husband and I both are artists at heart and our son is showing signs of loving it as well among other things. Right now with another baby on the way I’m sure she with inherit the love and joy of it too.

Go and create something special and enjoy life!

Don’t let the stress or worry of the past few months get you down. Find projects and dive right in!

Copyright © 2020-2023, Original Photography, Writing, Art Creations/ Illustrations, and Post by Andrea Danielle of

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