DIY: Repairing Outdoor Furniture

There’s nothing like beautifying and refurbishing what you already have to make the backyard space more inviting.

It’s inexpensive and can be easily done over just a few days or when in weekend warrior mode! Just grab a few materials and get started.

Circular Saw
Deck Wood Planks
Deck Screws
Pen/ Pencil
Deck Stain & Paint Supplies
Wood Filler
Protective Gear
This is what our backyard bench used to look like. Grey, rotted, unsightly and a definite unsafe hazard for children and adults.

Start this project by carefully removing all the rotted wood.

Don’t discard just yet.
Take the old rotted boards to measure the new and mark appropriately with a pen/ pencil the areas where the cuts will be applied.

Affix the board to the bench with your vice or choose another secure surface to give leverage and safety while sawing. For beginners, make sure to have someone close by if you need assistance during operation.

Remember to measure twice and cut once.
Cut boards to match the old sizes to eliminate the guesswork.

Use your pen/pencil markings for precision.
Put the boards in place making sure to leave enough space between to adjust the others in as you go.
Once they’re all in place slide them to where you’d like them to be once nailed down.

Enlist the help of others if needed to hold in place.
Take your deck screws and drill into the planks directly through to the frame.
Deck screws are a great choice for this project they’re very sturdy, drill in easily, and once they’re in they provide the best support, super durable over the years.
Continue drilling in screws against the frame until all the rotted and tattered boards are replaced completely. Now you can toss out those yucky old boards.

Now you’re ready to stain. For this project we chose a nice bright colored stain so it’ll pop.

Why not we worked so hard to get rid of that old grey stuff!

Keep staining to get to the depth of color you like the most. Don’t forget to stain all the way down for added protection for the remaining wood. Remember you’re the designer, you can use a lighter stain first and finish with a richer, darker stain to follow.

The best part about stain is it also seals to protect against rain and other weather for years to come. Most stains are rain ready within 4-6 hours after application.
Nice! Not only is it pretty but it’s a lot safer than the original.

Copyright © 2020. Original Photography, Writing, Design & Concept Creation, Paint, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella. Bench demolition, repair and renovation by Tony Pistella.

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