DIY: Reupholster Your Own Chairs

Refurbishing chairs can be easier than you think!

Save time and money by doing it yourself instead of buying replacement chairs.
We have a history of doing these types of design and repair projects. A similar one comes to mind with a previous dining room set we had prior to donating to Habitat for Humanity. This process is easy and a nice fixer upper for chairs you own that need a little love.
Pick fabrics that flatter from your local craft store. For this project we matched it as closely as possible to the original color but brought in a nice pattern and a thicker more durable fabric than the original.

Another great option for a little extra money is to choose impervious fabrics that wipe clean for when kids get messy at the table to cut down on extra fuss with having to replace throughout the year.

(measured and cut for each chair)
Staple Gun
Double-headed Screwdriver
or Drill
Craft Scissors
Extra Washers and Screws (as needed)
Start by removing the chair cushion.

We saved a lot of time and energy by removing the full cushion and taking it to the craft store to get the most precise measurement. It also helps when trying to recreate the same look, color, or texture or to see how something completely different may look and feel, eliminating the guesswork.

For this project we had a total of six chairs to reupholster but you can ask for extra slack to allow for margin of error or to replace throughout the year as needed.
Once you’re ready to start, remove any old staples
from the cushion with a flathead screwdriver.
Use the old cutout as a benchmark to measure and cut the fabric. Form it around the cushion. Tie the sides down the same as you removed them or fold down as pictured.

Take the staple gun and carefully attach to the frame of the cushion. Repeat until staples are secure around the entire cushion.

Some cushions have a sheet flap as pictured, if so don’t discard, simply affix and staple over the seams. Trim away any loose fabric or threading as needed.
Now your cushion is ready to be reattached to your seat frame. Replace any old or missing screws and washers. A drill may be faster for this process to reattach to the frame.

Repeat for each chair until complete.
You’d be surprised at how easy it is to do it yourself!

This task is easy enough for the ambitious to tackle throughout the year as many times as you like to change out colors or different patterns/ fabrics.

Copyright © 2018-2023. Original Photography, Writing, Concept & Design Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle of

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