Casual Place Setting for 4

It’s so easy to create a nice casual table setting for any occasion.
Multiple layers of design add a simple and elegant flair.
Make it your own!

Try patterned napkins, copper or gold napkin rings, placemats and if you can find some copper or bronze cutlery to add some diversity to your design.

Use them to dress it up a bit and make it original. Beauty is in the eye of the artist/ designer!
Simple water tumblers for spring or summer beverages such as lemonade, iced tea, are a nice option.

Square dinner and salad plates make layering easier. Place the smaller plate diagonally to give more dimension in your design.
Fresh flowers are also a nice touch.
For this arrangement I chose two types of roses and a pretty fuchsia Hydrangea branch from our backyard garden.
This one has a pretty heart shaped leaf.
Keep it simple you only need a few.
We had some spare orange lily petals which are also pretty for a fancier touch, just be sure to wash whatever comes in contact with your plates and place setting.

Now, what looks like it took forever only took a few minutes to create something nice.

A perfect touch for spring or summer!

Copyright © 2020-2023. Original Photography, Writing, Design Concept, Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle of

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