Front Lawn and Backyard Patio Renovation

It’s so easy and budget friendly to improve your front yard outdoor space!
Also find simple and inexpensive ways to beautify your backyard space!

Create a backyard patio paradise to enjoy all summer long.
We started with the front yard. It needed the most love.

An entire edged space from the walkway to our mailbox in the front yard was filled with a lackluster grey gravel.
We added large stones, multicolored rocks, bright new plants, and new mulch to cover the lackluster spaces and make it more inviting.
Repurposed backyard stones no longer in use made for a more meaningful purpose in the front yard.

We sectioned it out to create a dual purpose space for sitting and enjoying the view while keeping in line with the functionality of a front yard.
Solar lighting was also added.
Backyard Patio goes from drab to fab in less than a few hours and under budget!

Simply shovel away the old and bring in the new.
New potted florals are a nice touch of happiness and bring a peaceful feel to the design.
Consider options such as removing faded mulch or dirt and adding inexpensive yet decorative rocks to lighten a space. We found bargain rock blends at less than $2.59/ bag and given the size of this space it didn’t take many to bring out the beauty of the space.
If pests such as spiders and lizards are a problem the rocks can also deter more than mulch or dirt surfaces and gives a neater look and feel to the space.
There… So much better!
Consider more inexpensive flair such as water features for your new garden space. Surprisingly this fountain was under $200 with no hose connections or plugs needed! It’s water and energy saving and when finished we recycle the water back to the plants.

Truly a great find and easy to install.
Adding more solar lighting is another inexpensive touch that looks nice especially for nighttime entertaining.
Drab flower beds? Easy fix!
Add some edging or cut away weeds and debris to expose original edging.

Add new mulch for the area to bring back some joy to the outdoor space!
Wildlife can be so beautiful but can present a small issue with gardens, pets, and small children.
Backyard fencing although a bit more expensive, can be well worth the cost by providing a nice barrier to wildlife and other animals you may want to keep out of your garden, patio, and backyard sanctuary.

It’s that easy…just get started and create something wonderful!

Copyright © 2018-2023, Original Photography, Writing, and Post by Andrea Danielle of Full lawn renovation by Andrea Danielle & Tony Pistella.

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