Mini Easter Basket Kid Craft

Super Easy and Fun for kids!
Right in time for Easter and kids can’t get enough… especially the jellybeans we eat while we craft!
Hand painted eggs to be used and redecorated
as many years as you’d like.

Craft Eggs
Dye Kit & Contents
Easter Candy
Acrylic Paint
Paint Cups
Paint Brushes
Construction Paper
Cupcake Cups
Hot Glue Gun
Or Silicon Glue
Glue Stick
Crafting eggs are the best from any local craft store.
No fuss required with real boiled eggs and keep the creation for the next year.
Prep paint cups for dye according to egg kit instructions.
Drop dye tablets in each cup.
Pour in the vinegar.
Pour in the water about a half a cup each or enough to cover the egg.
Craft eggs are very hallow and float so we used fruit cups to weigh them down.
Let dry about 5 mins.
Choose acrylic paint colors. We used pearlescent acrylic so they’ll shine a bit.
Any pattern works and they don’t have to be perfect. Let little kid hands drive the design.
Or keep it simple.
Don’t forget the golden egg!
We used a special gold acrylic paint.
Let dry for 5-7 mins.

Note: For the next year simply take nail polish remover and start the process over with a brand new design.
While the eggs dry for a few mins, cut construction paper into strips.
Add some stickers from the kit.
Include on both sides.
Prep the cupcake cups.
Double or triple to avoid collapsing. Glue together.
Add the eggs holders from the kit by gluing them down to each cup.
Glue the egg to the holder. Don’t worry they can be removed after and saved for another year of decorating.
Add the handles by stapling each side.
About 2-3 staples each side should hold it.
So cute!
Now add the jelly beans or any candy you like
try not to overfill.

Simple, easy, and fun!!

Copyright © 2020-2023, Original Photography, Writing, Craft Concept & Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle & Family.

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