Spring Patio Spruce-up

Add bright pops of color to any size patio or porch with new cushions, throw pillows, and other decor.

Design with teals, shades of orange, other brights, and pastels to bring new life back to any drab patio.

Matching planters and decorative potting are a nice touch for patio herb gardens and plants all season long well into summer.
Add some nice cushions to upgrade outdoor furniture you already have.

Umbrellas with vibrant colors are a nice touch.
Adding small decorative umbrella tables for beverages while you grill is a great idea!
These are pretty awesome!
They have nice solar lights for night entertaining.
For the fall and winter months it’s nice to add a focal point like a fire pit.

This option was not only affordable but convenient and easy to install.

Copyright © 2020, Original Photography, Writing, Patio Design & Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle for thetaste100.com

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