Homemade Potpourri

Oh yes! Homemade Potpourri is not only easy but fun to make!
For this project, Citrus and Floral blend.
A great way to re-purpose flowers and fruit!
It’s easier than you think
Use any variety flower.
Roses have a great lasting fragrance.
Lavender and Lilac sprigs are
a very light yet fragrant choice.
Citrus and wooden branches add depth and dimension to the bundle.
Roses, Florals, Leaves
(Any Variety)
Cinnamon Sticks
Ground Cinnamon
Star Anise (Optional)
Room Spray, Citrus or Floral
Slice up the lemons and oranges.
Trim the stems away.
Add to a ziplock bag.
Add in some cinnamon.
If using the optional Star Anise
add it with the blend.
Lay flat on foil lined cookie sheet.
Bake in a 230 degree oven until
the leaves are dry but not burnt.

Citrus can take a bit longer.
When florals are ready set aside.
Add to a decorative bowl or vase.
Add in some baby’s breath or other delicate touch, be creative.
So pretty and it smells fabulous!
When the citrus is finished add cinnamon sticks and sprinkle with some cinnamon.
Spray bundle with room spray.

As days go by they will dry even more
and the smell becomes even more fragrant!


Copyright © 2018, Original Photography, Writing, Craft & Design Creation, and Post by Andrea Danielle Pistella.