Table Setting 101

1st Rule. Be creative! No pressure.
Formal table setting.
We use this for the Holidays when serving a four course meal with soup and bread.


Red Wine Glasses
White Wine Glasses
Napkins and Rings
Dinner Cutlery
Bread Plates
Tea Cups and Saucers
Water Lowball Glasses
Dinner Bowls
Dinner Plates

(Service for 6-8)
Center dinner plate and bowl. Place all glasses, red and white wine to the right. Tea cup and saucer to the right. Bread plate top left.

Place cutlery as pictured.
Note the appetizer/ dessert fork and spoon at the top of the place setting. Just learned that one!
Adding chargers under the plating is a nice upscale touch.
Napkin folding….It’s easier than it seems and there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Fold napkin in half diagonally.
Fold in the sides.
Roll the sides inward ensuring the point is even on the end when you turn it over.
Slide on napkin ring.
My preference is the layered look at the bottom.
Another variation.
….This napkin is slightly wrinkled but works for this demonstration.

Fold lengthwise in half.
Fold again.
Fold again as picture. Fold over the long sides again to fit the napkin ring.
Slide on the ring.
You should have a point at both ends.
Repeat for each place setting.
Add a nice homemade centerpiece.

Formal yet casual.
Fall setting. Fresh flowers, festive chargers and placemats with homemade table swag.
Since this swag is larger… accommodates a smaller group like a luncheon or brunch.
Holiday with gold accents.

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