With a delicious Swiss chard blend and garlic mash….

We hit a food plateau a while back and searched many recipes until we found something different yet tasty. A delicious sea bass with a fresh simple approach. This dish is a variation of that first taste we had with my spin on it merging many of our cultures into one or three happy plates… enjoy!

Preheat to 400. Prep & Cook time 45min. Easy and delicious!

Ingredients: 4 Barramundi Filets 1 Bundle Swiss Chard 3 Russet potatoes 1 parsnip 3-4 cloves garlic 1 tsp Unsalted Butter Salt Pepper (Rainbow Peppercorns preferred)

Gather your ingredients…add parsnips to the mix if you like

Peel and dice potatoes, dice parsnips (optional)

Remove the leaves from the Chard and dice the stems. Coarsely chop the leaves.

Now for the garlic.. smash and mince

Separate the garlic in three sections… set aside your prep until needed.

Loosely chop Swiss Chard and dice parsnips (optional)

Now season the filets and place prep in fridge until ready to bake.

In a preheated skillet add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Sauté 1/3 of the garlic for 1-2 mins. Add the optional diced parsnips for 2 mins. Add the chard stems to the mix. Cook for another minute then add to the pan. Arrange in pan and place in oven while potatoes boil, 15 minutes (Aluminum foil is the easiest for cleanup while baking the veggie mix)

… by the way Sauvignon Blanc is a great pairing with Baramundi especially a New Zealand!

Dice and boil the potatoes for 18-20 minutes. Sauté garlic and 1 tbsp butter or 2 tsp olive oil in a small skillet.

After 18-20 mins. Remove from the pot and add your dairy, some use heavy cream, low-fat 2% or even sour cream. Slowly incorporate another 1/3 of the sautéed garlic and butter mixture and mash until desired consistency. Salt and pepper to taste.

The fish should take no more than 3-5 mins. per side, skillet sauté and plate the fish. Now remove the veggie mixture from the oven and stir in the remaining garlic and stir. Plate the veggies, and potatoes. Enjoy!

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